Mystery of the abducted Chibok girls and the great Abuja connection

Posted by Pastor Lovina Iburene | 19 August 2015 | 4,049 times

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For over a year now, people all over the world have joined millions of innocent Nigerians in shouting and demanding for the release of the abducted Chibok Girls. For over a year, there has been a sort of mystery surrounding their abduction – and purpose. The world shouted, got angry, and turned to laughter – a painful laughter. To say they are shocked is an understatement.

In their minds, they are wondering: What type of country is this? Do the people responsible for this have blood in their veins? Are they normal people delivered by women and created by this our loving and great God? If selfishness, wickedness and insanity is not in the minds of the culprits, what then do we call this?

The Federal Government has to tell us more than they have said. They should tell us the whole truth. Enough of games. I and other genuine lovers of truth worldwide do not believe that the government is transparent  on the Chibok Girls’ issue. They are not invisible. People are playing dirty tricks, and I know the living God will expose, disgrace and judge them; It is only a question of time. They are candidates awaiting hell fire.

Power here is not on merit; leadership here is not about service. Thieves, liars, homosexuals, murderers, kidnappers are occupying key public office seats. I just want to remind them that it’s all vanity upon vanity; all is vanity. According to 2 Chronicles 16, 9: “The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth…”. Yes, God’s eyes are moving to and fro the entire world. You cannot hide from God. You may cover your sin so that no one may know, but you cannot hide it from God.

In Nigeria: 1 plus 5 = 57, 1,889, 3,025 even a billion and more. It is in Nigeria that the Colour of the moon is green. It is in Nigeria a policeman says he is your friend and yet plans and executes your kidnap, and he again declares your abductors wanted, spitting fire! That is why I and many trust them as one trusts a prostitute lodging in a hotel.

Abuja was created as Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory;  not a place where some manipulators would hide the Chibok girls and take undue advantage of the abduction, and its aftereffect, to start diverting more funds, imprisoning unborn generations and killing thousands of innocent people. After all, Boko Haram is not written on anyone’s forehead. Money meant for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) are diverted. Uncountable number of IDPs are lamenting in their camps, dying slowly of starvation. Many of you manipulators are rejoicing over the victims’ plight. Another great act of injustice is sending someone on an errand and turning around to kill the messenger. Boko Haram is serving the interest of some people. But time will tell. God is not sleeping! Enough of this dirty, ugly and stinking rubbish. Teacher, if you do not have what to teach people, do not teach them nonsense.

Better fear God, for He is watching you! Satan, I am not afraid of you and your agents. I am not interested in evil wealth, so you cannot buy me. This world is not my home. If I cannot tell the truth, then life is not worth living. If I die today, God has already prepared uncountable Lovinas all over the world, so I am not afraid of you and your rifles.

No evil doer will go unpunished! You manipulators, open those buildings in Abuja and bring out the girls you are holding captive before it is too late. Satan, once again, shame on you and your agents.

Inemasi Amangala Iburene is Pastor of The Truth Ministry Bringing The Truth That Frees (Public//Internet Ministries). She can be reached via 08135907006; Photo shows some of the abducted Chibok girls.

Source: News Express

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