The final saga of Adeewa’s ordeal, By Mike-Nifty A A

Posted by News Express | 19 August 2021 | 842 times

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•Mike-Nifty A A


A new day has dawned, said Deewa the following day after she woke up just that she woke up on the wrong side of the bed; and she was still trying to ease herself from the stress of the past few days with the nanny also with the little care she can render to her by morally helping her, which was too late because the appropriate time to morally help Deewa slipped right off her hands when she had all the time in the world to achieve that feat; but she has to accept defeat through the shameful pregnancy Adeewa got from Dapo, a mere street boy with no hopes of today and a future that is not assured yet, given his current lifestyle. And it’s not looking like anything meaningful and productive could come out from him for the time being.

Six months now gone, deep into the pregnancy and her stomach shoots out in shame like a man that got his excesses from drinking beer. Shame could not let her go out for that six months during the time of the pregnancy because of backlash, stigmatisation or, maybe, segregation from folks that live in their estate; and also to avoid someone that knows the family not to call her parents to report the situation. The only time she goes out is when she goes to the hospital for ante-natal and the nanny secretly books an Uber to come and pick them right from the main gate of their house to hide and wallow in their shame. Can you imagine her parents was not home for that period of six months to tell you how irresponsible Adeewa’s parents were, but they usually make phone-calls. But is that enough to care for one’s only child? Please, dear reader, ask yourself such a question.

Adeewa was a young teenage-girl: she was just in SS2 when she took in; she could have been exposed a long time ago because she stopped coming to school all of a sudden. And the nanny was devilishly smart enough to quickly go to Deewa’s school to update contact information, giving all sorts of lies by telling the proprietor of Adeewa’s school that the previous phone number they could contact them on is no longer reachable and she now gave them her personal line to avoid the stories that touches the heart and soul whereby the proprietor's call would be diverted to her own cell phone device. The nanny lied to them at her school that she won’t come to the school for a year as they were taking her on a vacation-trip to the Maldives, which the proprietor, being a soft man, believed all the lies.

It was not delivery time when Adeewa was in pain to give birth at eight months into her pregnancy. Her parents already planned coming home from their long absence from home and the man and wife already booked for a leave from work for about a month to spend much quality time back with their family members and they wanted to make it a surprise visit by not informing both the nanny and Adeewa herself. But the unfortunate incident happened the same day Adeewa’s water broke to give birth. Her parents just opened the door to see their precious and only child in pains with a very big stomach. When they both entered, they were in shock for about five minutes. They didn’t know what to do at first; they asked each other that if it was their daughter or someone else while the girl was shouting on top of her voice that they should help her to the hospital.

The nanny was also there and she couldn’t utter a word: it was as if the ground should open up immediately and then swallow her up. All on her mind that moment was to escape from being criticised greatly for failing in her duties. So, immediately Adeewa’s parents rushed her to the hospital; in a rush, the nanny immediately packed up her belongings and fled from them forever. It was not even up to an hour when they took Adeewa to the hospital when it was announced by the doctor that she delivered a bouncing baby boy.

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Source: News Express

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