God’s eyes and our political, spiritual, other leaders, By Lovina Iburene

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The Bible book of Second Chronicles 16 verse 9 says: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong to those whose hearts are right towards him.” If our hearts are right, the presence of God will be with us. But are we ready to check our hearts?

Our political class

When a time is promised for every project to be completed, action is needed immediately. The current sorry mood of the nation has to change. All public officials must make sacrifices. Twenty-two states owe workers’ salaries for months. Federal, states and local governments owe salaries. Nigeria that is so much blessed with natural resources does not deserve this.

The media and all Nigerians must join hands to rebuild the nation: huge cooperation is expected from all of us, as part of the system. We need infrastructural development, which is none- existent today. Leaders should think about the people first. The poverty out there is alarming. The dividends of democracy must be brought to the people: create enabling investment environment for investors, for employment purposes. Cornered funds must be brought back at all cost, for the original purpose they were meant for.

Patriotism and service have flown out of the window. Many do not preach unity. We have gone wrong in so many ways. Many! We need to mend our ways. A godless people should go back to their Lord and Maker. Many governors are operating as great thieves. Leaders must be very sensitive to the needs of the people. The executive must have a pay cut. We cannot continue to massage the image of our leaders: no longer will that patience be tolerated. Our dead education system must be resurrected. Nigeria has to be put right. Inefficiency in governance must be a thing of the past. Leaders have to train themselves to accept constructive criticism. There must be good dividends of democracy. Our institutions must work. Crime, which is sophisticated today, must be done away with. We must block leakages and wastages. Monies must be properly accounted for. The anti-corruption agencies, which are not living up to their names, must be made active. There is so much rot in the society. The day we understand that governance is about responsibility, we will arrive.

We should encourage people to be alert. And if a specified telephone number is given to the public where criminal activities could be reported, crime rate will be checked. Corruption and terrorism, tribalism, and religious discrimination should be discouraged. All these we can achieve if we come back to God in repentance. Whatever we do is a reflection of what is in our hearts. Proverbs 4: 23, says: “Keep your hearts with all diligence…” Please, let us check our hearts. If our leaders fail the people, despite all the promises, then it would be terrible. Our real issue today is poor leadership. The political class has to come alive in godliness and action.

There should be transparency in the finances of legislators, particularly at the National Assembly. How can a man receive money without working for it? It is evil money. We need true federalism. There must be true democratic values. The judiciary, the Police in particular, must change, because you cannot terrorise the people you are paid to protect. People must be alive to their responsibilities. No more favouritism.

Our spiritual leaders

Our spiritual leaders are the worst offenders: we bless God and magnify his holy name for the few committed ones. We should pray for repentant hearts in our spiritual leaders, because no society can grow if this group of leaders abandon saving of lives, salvation preaching and are rather, struggling to have earthly treasures, which goes contrary to what they profess. Misuse of tithes and offering lies at the pulpit; self-celebration, occult messages and practices, and immoralities that abound must be shunned. Money worship is evil.

These set of leaders should get off the pulpit, because God has no business with evil. If they claim a desire of making heaven, why are they now comfortable with the idea of spending eternity in hell? If such persons are not called by God, why then are they deceiving themselves? A poor man is not a man without money, but a man who has riches from dubious means. So, there are several poor billionaires everywhere.  How can people who do not understand spiritual issues lead others? How can Satan refuse to understand that her time is running out?

Actually, most of our spiritual and political leaders are looters. They take what does not belong to them; they steal from the people. Some individuals are richer than the Nigerian state: they have stolen so much. But it does not do them any good because an ill-gotten wealth attracts God’s anger.

I will not stop talking, shouting and writing till all evil men are brought to book, both here and in eternity. The Bible says in James 4: 17: “He that knows what is good to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.” God does not lie. Such people are guilty of blood-shed, because they’re immersed in wealth meant for uncountable people. Many have suffered and died because of lack, and such dupes have collected their spiritual problems till infinity. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows, he reaps.

Had it been I was in the President’s shoes, after the public officials’ pay-cut, as part of the ant-crime war, I will release all prisoners and make provision for their rehabilitation into society. Thereafter, I will seriously start fighting crime, because to be candid, the true prisoners are outside the prison walls: a man steals billions and is walking freely, another steals N5,000 and is imprisoned. There is no justice.

I know for sure there is a living God; no man can escape judgment; if not here, then it is in the life after death. Hebrews 9: 27, says: “And it is appointed unto man once to die, then after death, the judgment.”

Traditional rulers

This group of people has led the country to the sorry state it is. How can they claim they do not know the criminals in their domain, when in reality, these guys are working for most of them? Many of them are into corruption and terrorism. They preach tribalism, sectionalism and other forms of evil. Only a few are responsible. If the anti-corruption war will succeed, they must be made accountable.

All the social classes are inclusive - the judiciary, public, and private sectors too. If the media is sincere to a point, the society will change. Unfortunately, the get-rich-at-all-cost syndrome has caught up with the media too. Only a few are sincere. The ‘Nigerian factor’ - being associated with wrongs - must be made to stop. God-fatherism must stop. Let people who have knowledge impart it; create projects where needed, not sectionalism. We must make a conscious effort to change. We must teach the youth that fraud does not pay.

We have to be determined to correct our wrongs. We need to go to God for a change of heart and values. We need to know Christ personally. We need to be rapturable. Do not forget: “He that commits sin is of the devil.” We should start working towards rapture, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Or, have we forgotten that we will someday die and go back to account to the God we are taking for granted?  Do not toy with it, when God says everything should be done decently and in order. Who is the person that jumps through the window into a house, rather than through the door, if the person is not a thief? And why will such a person not be punished? Of course, punishment will take place. Let us understand that loving God means obeying his commandments. Anything short of that is living a lie.

Enough of excuses! As you hearken to God’s word, it shall be well with you.

•Pastor Lovina Inemasi Amangala-Iburene, whose photo appears alongside this piece, is of The Truth Ministry Bringing The Truth That Frees (Public//Internet Ministries), Lagos. She can be reached via pastorlovinaamangala@gmail.com

Source: News Express

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