Exam scandal: Intersociety accuses Oko Poly Management of conspiracy

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The International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) has accused the management of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, of conspiracy in the exam scandal rocking the school. The allegation was contained in a letter dated 15th June, 2015 addressed to the Rector, Prof. Godwin Onu, through the Deputy Rector (Administration).

The letter, signed by Intersociety Board Chairman Emeka Umeagbalasi and Head, Campaign & Publicity Department, Uzochukwu Oguejiofor, Esq., was copied the Anambra State Director of the Department of State Security Services (DSS/SSS).

In it, Intersociety specifically accused Oko Poly Management of extending “conspiratorial protection” to Dr. Mrs. Rufina Ogechukwu Muoka, whom is implicated in the exam scandal, by promoting her from Head of Department of Department of Science Lab Technology to a dean and made member of the School’s Governing Council.

The letter, the third by Intersociety over the issue following its letters of May 21 and June 4, 2015, reads in part:

“The affected students in the Department of Science Lab Technology-2012/2013 Session; numbering 400, are in the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) category and not HND.  In other words, they are OND or ND Finalists; not HND Finalists. Also, late Citizens Offorbuike Ginika and Offorbuike Daniel with Registration Numbers FPO/SLT/ND/R11/012/160 and FPO/SLT/ND/R2/012/212 respectively, are some of the deceased or dead students awarded exam results in the said exams they did not take part. In our two previous letters, they were mistakenly mentioned as some of the students that left your respected School long before the exams were taken or held; but were awarded results of the exams.

“School’s Position On Late Citizen Ezeh Uchenna:

“The position reportedly canvassed by the authorities of the Oko Polytechnic under your headship to the effect that Ezeh Uchenna with Registration Number FPO/SLT/ND/R1/012/038 took the referenced examinations; is strongly refuted and challenged. The following is the irrefutable account of Citizen Ejidike Stephen (07064601819) – the Course Rep and leading complainant: the exams in contention (2nd Semester ND 1-2012/2013) were supposed to be taken in November 2013, but the protracted strike that started in April 2013 and ended in July 2013 and another that started in October 2013 and ended in July 2014; disrupted the exams. In August 2014, the exams were taken and during the exams, late Ezeh Uchenna called me from his hospital bed in my capacity as the Course Rep.

“He pleaded with me to arrange myself or find someone to write the exams for him, but I told him I can’t do that to avoid being caught for impersonation. I advised him to ask his family to go and meet our HOD. Late Ezeh Uchenna was terminally sick and bed-ridden. Throughout the exams he was in the hospital and never seen near the exams hall. He later died in September 2014. Apart from the Course Rep’s account, the School’s reported position suffered another grievous damage on the account of late Citizens Offorbike Ginika and Offorbike Daniel’s involvement in the exams’ result award jamboree. The late sibling, who hailed from Oko; died in a motor accident at Nnewi in October 2013 during the campaign tour of one of the leading gubernatorial candidates in the November 2013 governorship election in Anambra State. But their names were included as those that took the referenced exams of August 2014; ten months after their tragic death. They were also allocated two and four results respectively.

“Dead Students Allocated Results:

“Late Ezeh Uchenna with Registration Number FPO/SLT/ND/R1/012/038. He was given upper credit or “3.05” and awarded 67 in Cell Biology (STB 121), 81 in Organic Chemistry (STC 121), 60 in Physical Chemistry (STC 122), 49 in Electricity & Magnetism (STP 121?), 44 in Optics & Waves (STP 122), 66 in Analytical Chemistry (STC 123), 70 in General Lab Techniques 111, 69 in Computer Packages 1(COM 123), 64 in Research Method (STC 201) and 52 in Citizenship Education (GNS 127). He died in September 2014; a month after the exams.

“Late Offorbike Daniel with Registration Number FPO/SLT/ND/R2/012/212. He was given 31 in STC 122 (Physical Chemistry), 40 in STP 122 (Optics & Wave), 39 in GLT 121 (General Lab Technology) and 30 in Com 123 (Computer Packages 1). He died in a motor accident in October 2013, ten months before the exams.

“Late Offorbike Ginika with Registration Number FPO/SLT/ND/R2/012/160. She was given 40 in STP 122 (Optics & Wave) and 14 in Com 123 (Computer Packages). She died with her brother in a motor accident in October 2013; ten months before the exams.

Late Maduabuchi Judith with Registration Number FPO/SLT/ND/R1/011/266. She was given 90 in STP 221 (Organic Chemistry), 48 in STC 221 (Maintenance & Repair) and 37 in STB 222 (Ecology). She died in July 2014; a month before the exams.

“Award Of Results To Former Students:

“One of the former students of the School awarded results of exams they did not take part is Citizen Ubah Peter with Registration Number FPO/SLT/ND/R2/012/209. He was given 30 in GLT 121 (General Lab Technology), 22 in STC 121 (Organic Chemistry) and 14 in Com 123 (Computer Packages). He left the School during the protracted strike in 2013 and went in private business and never returned to the School; yet he was awarded exam results of exams held in August 2014. His phone number is +2348039733335.

“Further, the purpose of this letter is to reinforce your School’s ongoing internal investigation to enable it address the problem head long. As we have earlier demanded, all the missing and misallocated results should be traced and corrected and staffers or authorities responsible for the anomalies sanctioned. None of the affected students including Agu Oluchukwu (08089958161) and Ejidike Stephen (07064601819) should be maltreated or sanctioned.

“We also frown at the earlier refusal of the Project Coordinator of the said Department of Science Lab Technology, one (Mr.) Onyejekwu I. to collect the projects of the duo of Agu Oluchukwu and Ejidike Stephen on the instructions of their HOD, one Dr. Mrs. Rufina Ogechukwu Muoka (08037503949); when the duo went to submit their projects on 9th June 2015. Though they were collected on 11th June 2015 on the intervention of the local authorities of the Department of State Security Services (DSS/SSS); but the action of the HOD is condemnable and sanction-able. Just the other day, some of our friend-journalists reported to us how she attacked them on phone cursing and abusing them in the presence of her students simply because they wanted to hear her own side of the complaint. She is still reportedly going about, threatening the affected students particularly the duo of Ejidike Stephen and Agu Oluchukwu.

“We also understand that she was recently elevated to the rank of deanship and made a member of the School’s Governing Council. Our position is that she does not deserve the elevation and appointment. As a matter of fact, she deserves demotion and sanction; not promotion and conspiratorial protection from the School authorities under your headship.”

•Photo shows Oko Poly Rector, Prof. Godwin Onu.

Source: News Express

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