US court fixes date to hear Nigerian human rights lawyer’s motion to resume defamation case against Wall Street Journal

Posted by News Express | 14 April 2021 | 618 times

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•The litigant, international human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe



A US Federal Court has scheduled April 16 to hear a motion by international human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe for the resumption of his defamation lawsuit against the Wall Street Journal over his sponsorship of Chibok girls to USA.

Among others, his motion states:

That the non-resolution of this case has enabled people to make false claims taking credit

for Plaintiff’s humanitarian project. Specifically, the Trump campaign falsely claimed to

American voters that the ex-US President brought the Chibok girls to America, thus

fraudulently appropriating and exploiting Plaintiff’s work for political gain.

That another of the Chibok girls taken away by the Nigerian embassy and the Murtala Mohammed Foundation has again dropped out of school while yet another attempted suicide in their custody here in USA. Yet every single one of the schoolgirls who refused to be “rescued” by the Nigerian government has obtained diplomas and degrees!

That in December, Secretary of State Pompeo designated Nigeria a Country of Particular

Concern, the worst ranking for egregious religious persecution for the first time in 20 years

in vindication of Plaintiff’s advocacy and in repudiation of Defendant WSJ’s defamation that

Plaintiff lied about persecution of Christians in Nigeria...

That rather Defendants Drew Hinshaw and Joe Parkinson have exploited the story of the Nigerian schoolgirls for personal profit in a new book further proving their mercantile interest and financial motive all along in contrast to Plaintiff’s sacrificial and humanitarian sponsorship of the schoolgirls.

That the title of the Defendants Drew Hinshaw and Joe Parkinson’s book “Bring Back Our Girls – the astonishing survival and rescue of Nigeria’s missing schoolgirls” is misleading and a continuing perpetuation of false narratives as it gives the erroneous impression that the girls have all been rescued whereas 112 of them are still missing seven years after.

That the Defendants Drew Hinshaw and Joe Parkinson’s puff piece creates the false impression that all ended “amazingly” thus endangering the return of the girls still missing,  neglecting the 1,000 more abducted since October and undermining the advocacy and urgency of this disturbing crisis.

That an honest and truthful depiction would have been entitled “the astonishing story of survival and ransom of some of Nigeria’s missing schoolgirls” as none of the girls were in actual fact “rescued” and only about half were ransomed

Ogebe urged the court further, “The elements of the Kashoggi murder are so similar to this case – a foreign country with a dubious human rights record using its embassy to attack a US-based dissident in retribution and to silence them. What happened in the KSA embassy in Turkey is very similar to what happened in the Nigerian embassy in USA. As foreign countries now weaponize media influencing campaigns to turn Americans against each other, this court has a duty to take most seriously a matter that exposes schemes such as this, more so as a federal court in capital metro area.

Finally the mercantilist mercenary journalism of Defendants Drew Hinshaw and Joe Parkinson has been fully unmasked as they brazenly aim to profit from writing about the schoolgirls, then and even more so now. As submitted earlier in this case, the only ones making money out of this situation were the Nigerian Federal government which received $25 million in donations but was not sponsoring the girls plaintiff was sponsoring, the Borno state government that claimed to be spending millions sponsoring the girls whom plaintiff was sponsoring in the US, Doug Wead, who raised funds for a year for schoolgirls he did not have and Defendants WSJ who wanted to generate money from click bait and now a new book. Plaintiff conversely was the only one unpaid and sacrificially giving of his home, family, time and energy for the schoolgirls. None of the others sponsored them to America.

This court cannot ignore the clear fact that all of these characters had financial motives in the girls and orchestrated a corrupt, conspiratorial scheme to get the schoolgirls to justify the funds they got in their name. It is unconscionable for them to benefit from this unholy enterprise.

Accordingly, the court is respectfully urged to fully hear this matter in the interest of justice, democracy, freedom and humanity.”

The hearing is just two days after the 7th anniversary of the Chibok abductions.

Source: News Express

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