Aka Ikenga accuses Amnesty Int’l of disinformation, blackmail •Dismisses indictment of Ihejirika, Nigerian Military

Posted by News Express | 10 June 2015 | 2,862 times

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Aka Ikenga, the Igbo Think Tank, has strongly condemned last week’s report on the Nigeria Military, by Amnesty International, accusing the watchdog of habouring a hidden agenda.

“The Amnesty International we used to know did not allow itself to be used as a tool in local political struggles,” President of Aka Ikenga, Chief Goddy Uwazurike, said in a statement in Lagos.

According to him, “Today in Nigeria and in the recent past, Amnesty has allowed itself to be used as conduit pipe for the fringe dwellers who have used the world voluntary association to discredit national institutions and political bodies. Indeed, the name of the Amnesty Nigeria game is DISINFORMATION and blackmail.

“Who in this country does not know that the campaign to vote out Jonathan was fought with all kinds of weapons? The Amnesty Nigeria Chapter is manned by young men and women who stay in Abuja to disseminate information on what is going on in the warfront. These people always begin their fantastic report by crediting it an anonymous but credible source. Remember when an international news company in the whole world the news of the massacre and burning of 3,000 people and 200 houses respectively in Baga, a fishing settlement in Borno State by Nigeria soldiers! When the reporter was flown to Baga by the Military, she retracted the story. These informants are always faceless and always claim that somebody phoned them.

“Enough of this hullabaloo. We know the target is the gallant Gen Azubuike Ihejirika! Last year Phantom “Davis” was reported to have fingered Ihejirika as the sponsor of Boko Haram. The gullible political leaders and purveyors of falsehood promptly took up the battle cry against him. Today, he is among those “indicted” by Amnesty International! Can Amnesty International indict anyone? We call on Amnesty International and their collaborators to leave us alone since they have eased Goodluck Jonathan out of office for signing the Anti-gay Gill into law.

“An International agency that swallows hook line and sinker the reports from its Nigeria Representative should blame itself.

“Has it not always been known that Amnesty International has never condemned Boko Haram for its notorious activities? Nor condemns Odi and Zakibiam massacres!

“Is it not obvious that Amnesty International issues negative reports on Nigerian Military any time Boko Haram is being dealt with? Have you taken a good look at this Amnesty Report and others to realise that those are computer generated images fabricated by a good graphics man?

Have you forgotten how Boko Haram has been looting Nigeria Troops informs in recent times, including capturing Nigeria weapons?

“Fake Amnesty International should please leave us alone. Enough is Enough! Spare the families of dead Nigerian Soldiers further agony!!”

•Photo shows Goody Uwazurike.

Source: News Express

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