12 reasons why Trump may be impeached as US President, By Emmanuel Ogebe

Posted by News Express | 12 January 2021 | 402 times

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•Emmanuel Ogebe, ESQ


  1. He mobilized people to come to DC on January 6th
  2. He incited them personally to attack the congress and promised to stand with them
  3. He refused to authorize the DC National Guard to respond when the Capital was overrun by rioters.
  4. The building and offices of the congress were destroyed and looted, the US flag removed and replaced with the confederate flag of the defeated south and a Trump flag.
  5. Five people died including one police officer.
  6. The insurrections took over the seat of the president in chambers and the office of the speaker.
  7. Trump was safely away and gleefully watching the rioters.
  8. The National Guard was finally called in hours after the desecration of Congress
  9. Trump released a video expressing his “love” for the insurrectionists as “special to him.”
  10. The Vice President, Speaker and third in line of presidential succession were all present in the Capitol when it was attacked and left unprotected by Trump.
  11. Trump had threatened Vice President Pence in his remarks to the rioters especially as the VP said he would not betray the constitution or the voters
  12. Trump who infamously “dominated“ the streets of the same DC when Black Lives protestors came did not make similar security scale up when his own political thugs came to DC.

Mr Donald J. Trump may be liable for levying war, incitement, sedition, intimidation,  brigandage, larceny and terrorism against the United States Government, its people, its constitution and the republic.

•Emmanuel Ogebe is of US NIGERIA LAW GROUP, Washington, DC.

Source: News Express

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