Will break-up of Nigeria bring lasting peace to specific geographical regions? asks Mike-Nifty A A

Posted by News Express | 12 January 2021 | 556 times

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•Mike-Nifty A A


We want peace everlasting in our society, because if you ever experienced any form of war you won’t even wish a war in your enemy’s country, except there is purpose for it that would promote an everlasting peace afterwards.

Critically looking at the agitations of majority of the Igbo clamouring for an independent country in the name of Biafra, they have a reason for it, but the Federal Government tagged it treason for agitating for it led by Nnamdi Kanu.

Peace is all we pray for worldwide. At least, for any development to happen in order not for a country to break up needs peace; and also the peace we crave for worldwide is non-negotiable.

There was an Oduduwa Republic, there was Biafra and, also, there was a Northern Protectorate, which every region operates and governs themselves individually, before the emergence of democracy and also when military started ruling with force on all citizenry.

The peace we crave for in Nigeria is non-negotiable; we want an everlasting peace in our nation and also the nation’s building relies solely on the unity of the country. When Nigeria breaks up and every region goes their separate ways, there will be another civil war, which is never going to be on short term. In the long run, foreign envoys would troop in to calm the situation and by that taking more advantage of the situation by continuing to steal the resources they have always stolen from us, and also dictates how every region should govern their states.

Analytically, all these processes of break-up will take a long time in the long run, and it will come with a revolution, because majority of the populace are sick and tired of the governance by our past leaders and current leaders. When the country breaks up, the regions that breaks will become fierce rivals and arch-enemies, because they all know their various weak points and what resources available in various regions; and it will lead to jealousy and endless wars. But that can be averted by signing a peaceful referendum that will be favourable and not one-sided and it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

So, if the break-up of Nigeria will bring a lasting solution to tribal wars, religious wars and general views or perspectives, then let her break and let peace reign; because peace is greatly fundamental for the development of any nation and also the understandability iscrucial for geometrical progression of any country.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) just recently created an Eastern security outfit as well to curb crimes in their jurisdiction, at least, to a great extent. But there is no legal backing because the whole ideology looks divisive due to the clamouring of an independent state. Why is there a sudden development of different independent security outfit by all the major regions in Nigeria?

The answer is because when another civil war erupts; there can be a quick defence from all the geo-political zones. The governors of every state kept on having meetings with their colleagues from their respective zones to deliberate before the birth of different local security agencies.

“Love is paramount among a nation for development but, due to the vast ethnic differences, most people from opposite tribes don’t exhibit pure love they ought to show themselves even if they act in love; behind is pure hatred for one another.” All these I’ve said are according to my local research. I am not an advocate of divisiveness but unity; and it comes with pure love for all humanity. I don’t segregate and I would urge my fellow citizens to practice love to avoid the break-up of our great nation, Nigeria. Personally, I cannot wait for the nation to get to the Promised Land, I just know if all the shenanigans keep occurring and re-occurring, another civil war is looming.

•Mike-Nifty, public affairs analyst and a curator, can be reached on: nifty.mics@yahoo.com

Source: News Express

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