2023 Igbo Presidency: A collective national project, By Anayo   

Posted by News Express | 12 January 2021 | 529 times

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The call for Igbo Presidency come 2023 has continued to gain momentum across all divides in Nigeria and beyond. The reasons are not far-fetched as it reflects the true Nigerian that believes in equity and fairness.

It also reflects the mood of the nation as all sections of Nigeria have been given a chance post-civil war while Igbos have consistently been schemed out, a conspiracy that has plunged our nation into a divided nation without sense of patriotism and nationality.

Hence the need to give the Igbos chance to belong to the national politics and possibly contribute their quote towards rebuilding Nigeria to a better society post-civil war. The excellent contributions of Igbo sons and daughters who found themselves in one role or other in governance has also contributed immensely towards the belief by a large number of Nigerians that it is only the Igbos that will rescue us from this political and economic quagmire we found ourselves today. Without mincing words, I am referring to the great contributions of great Igbo sons and daughters like Okonjo-Iweala, Peter Obi, Chukwuma Soludo, Professor Barth Nnaji et al towards a better Nigeria.

These Igbo sons and daughters changed the dynamics in the areas of governance they found themselves and set the pedestal for growth and reforms that was witnessed in those sectors they managed. True detribalised Nigerians have these facts on their palms.

Igbo is the ONLY I repeat the ONLY ethnic group that believes in ONE NIGERIA. This explains why Igbos are scattered every part of Nigeria while they have contributed not less than 50 percent towards the development and growth of those parts of Nigeria they found themselves. They invest their money in all sectors including real estate while abandoning their own region to wallow in ruins and lack of replicate infrastructure and development which Igbos helped to build in other regions they found themselves.

It is so regrettable to hear some desperate and greedy personalities from other regions that have tested power post-civil war still insist they have a right to stake claim for 2023 Presidency instead of the Igbos. These are the people who have plunged us into this divided nepotic nationality we are today because people who are supposed to speak with their conscience and recognise that the unity of our dear Nigeria will be at stake here if the Igbos are once again schemed out of the equation when it is truly their turn to contribute their quota towards a united Nigeria come 2023 with their son at the helm of affairs just like every other part of Nigeria has done already post-civil war.

One wonders what justifications a Northerner will have to still claim that they have a right to contest or rather to rule Nigeria come 2023 even when they have dominated for more than 50 percent with their sons at the helm of affairs post-civil war.

The worst is that, upon these years the North has dominated, they have nothing to show for it. In fact, they are the reason why the country has stagnated or rather retrogressed as all they care is how to grab power and share our money and oil among their cronies without any template for governance or any plan to build a strong Nigeria that will benefit all and perhaps silence critics. In reality actually, if the North has demonstrated any capability to build a strong and stable Nigeria economically and politically devoid of nepotism or religious bigotry, by now all Nigerians will believe that there is no need for rotational power so long as the system is working perfectly to favour everyone. There wouldn’t have been any form of marginalisation and segregation campaigns here and there as a demonstration against injustice.

The case of the South-West is also glaring as they have saddled the leadership of Nigeria in two occasions with Obasanjo at the helm of affairs. One wonders, how a true nationalist and honest person from the South-West will still be staking claim for 2023 Yoruba presidency as a retirement position for their demi god Tinubu or his proxies and anointed sons. The rhetorical question here to the Yorubas is, if they were to be in the position of the Igbos, wont they have totally shut down Lagos because of its economic importance to Nigerian protesting that 2023 belongs to them? By now, all the South-West dominated media will be having Yoruba presidency on the first page of all the dailies every day until the project is accomplished.

We take solace to the fact that some true Yoruba sons and sons of the North who believe in a true and one Nigeria where equity and justice thrives are all calling for Igbo presidency as a way to heal the sore wounds of the civil war which has lingered.

And for the North I ask, if they are to be in the position of the Igbos in today Nigeria, will they not have had repeated many coups and mobilised through the mosques for war to divide Nigeria as they would have killed all the Igbos, Yorubas and other tribes in broad day light massacre because they have not been allowed to rule Nigeria at their own turn. We cannot forget so fast that the mere fact that Yar’Adua who was to complete their own turn under the rotational presidency died mid-way, they mobilised against Jonathan and killed many young Igbo sons and daughters and other tribes during 2011 election, forgetting that they were in this sit from 1979 to 2019. When that did not work, they unleashed Boko haram on Jonathan administration, today the chicken has come home to roast as they cannot tame these dogs they empowered to grab power again, with book haram unleashing mayhem on the entire nation with the North East as epicenter even now that a Northern is in power. Karma I guess.

Any Northerner or Yoruba man who is still in that delusion that 2023 belongs to them and not the Igbos is an enemy of Nigeria and such people would be held accountable if Nigeria splits post 2023 if the Igbos are denied their rights to belong to a country where they have contributed a lot and have also lost their investments repeatedly without any protest just because they want to be part of one Nigeria.

To the Igbos and all Nigerian as a whole, this call for Igbo presidency is a collective one that requires collective efforts in all spheres including financing the project.

I am proposing that Ohanaeze Ndigbo should open account with any bank of their choice where Igbo son is at the helm of affairs for all Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora to start contributing their widows might towards the realisation of this project that means so much to our unity. I mean a campaign donation of any amount starting from now as there is no time any more.

All Igbos will be mandated to contribute to this project through their various town unions, market unions, diaspora groups while every other Nigerian who believes in EQUITY and JUSTICE should also contribute to the growth and stability of our only country for the interest of posterity by contributing any amount to this project.

This has become pertinent because desperate politicians who enriched themselves with our collective wealth from the North and South-West are already planning for the election with our money. They will be ready to break all banks with trucks and loads of bullion vans pushing money to the two major political parties PDP and APC to ensure that there are returned as the candidates of these two major political parties to ensure Igbos do not have any choice but to embrace them.

Also, Ohanaeze should announce that no Igbo son should accept Vice Presidency ticket come 2023 and any attempt for the two political parties to zone their ticket to any region except the Igbos, such party will be blacklisted by all Igbos. In fact, all Igbos should shun the electoral process if they are schemed out of the nominations by these two major political parties.

This is a critical juncture in our body polity that will determine the future of the Igbos in one Nigeria. The earlier we pursue this project aggressively, the better for all of us and future generations. Posterity will not forgive Igbos if we sit down again or sit on the fence and allow any other part of Nigeria to deny us this position again.

This will push IPOB to rope us into a war we do not wish to fight as war does not and will never favour Igbos, rather a ONE NIGERIA will forever favour and protect the long term interest of Igbos.

•Anayo (www.bbcng.com) writes from the Diaspora and tweets @getmotivatedng

Source: News Express

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