Too much excitement begets foolery, By Esther Chizaram Ngele

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•Esther Chizaram Ngele


“On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine, he commanded Mehuman, Biztha, Harbona, Bigtha, and Abagtha, Zethar and Carcass, the seven chamberlains that served in the presence of Ahasuerus the king; To bring Vashti the Queen before the King with the crown royal, to shew the people and the princes her beauty: for she was fair to look on.” (Esther 1:10-11).

Too much excitement begets foolery

In the splendour of affluence and adorations from the nobles and princes; after a full display of the glory that permeated from India to Ethiopia. The God complex was in full effect. Nothing can challenge him and a mere inconvenience dare not occur when the power of a king is in action. Obeisance was the only protocol; the slightest disdain in the inner chambers wouldn't go well, how much more a public disgrace.

Men were gathered in awe of your glory; how do you let them see a dim show of lack of control. That is not good for the show.

A Feminist in the making

Feminism and femininity are the acts of being feminine and according rights and recognition to the female being; as a whole and fully-functioning human being. The ability to think of the right conduct and not being relegated as vessels of weak structure in need of a better brain for guidance.

Being feminine in acts and form and, even more, aware of how to conduct one's self to command that the rights due, is a beautiful thing. Having your rights be recognised and accorded.

Vashti was feminine and also a feminist. She knew that even as a beauty to behold, in all her feminine glory, yet she was not going to allow herself to be objectified by drunken men whose loins are filled with desire for pleasure. It's wonderful to be desired by all men, but the pleasure should be for the one deserving of a queen.

Pride and poor judgment

Having been deified for days, your sense of judgment ringing with nothing but the glory of your power, you’re led to believe you are omnipotent. Seventh day of an ongoing feast and seven men to bring in royalty.

A good judgment could have communicated the agenda before hand, so that she would prepare to wield her own power for the show. That would have been a perfect display of unity and strength of the sexes.

Even on the spur of the moment, influenced by the bickering and hollering of the onlookers mostly for their canal desires and to size up the king, a good judgment would need just a confidant to deliver the message. But then, again, the god complex was already activated.

A queen knows when to stoop to conquer

Vashti could have done the math. It was the seventh day, and seven men to convey a rejection was absolute disregard: a slap to a king's pride. He deserved to have a bypass at good judgment. And then strategise her power to forestall future occurrences.

But then, pride is not exclusive to a particular sex. Vashti's pride begot brash delivery to the king in the public.

Crowd-pleasing moments

Let’s pretend that once sober the king knew he passed an irrational judgment by demanding the queen's presence like that. He recollected she was still fair to behold. She was still his. But since the crowd is aware of the humiliation, he must go with the “manly” thing to do. Reclaim his manhood!

It’s all for the greater good!

All things worketh together for the good of them that believe. It was all the divine orchestration. The bigger picture was saving the lives of multitudes, both young and old. Multitudes that could be the next king-makers.

Esther must be crowned for generations of lives not to perish.

A Repeat

The king’s pride and power was tested yet again before princes and noble men when the queen outright broke the protocol. Esther made an unannounced entrance, which could belittle the strength of the king before his subjects.

But thank goodness he was sober and applied the wisdom of a king. He knew that being a powerful man means having the courage to break the rule when necessary. Rigidity could have led to an unwarranted title to his name. So, damn the onlookers. Do you? Let you heart be merry with love and not wine.

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