The ABC of longevity: Setting goals for life or sliding into the abyss

Posted by News Express | 19 December 2020 | 1,017 times

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The Reality: The moment you stop setting goals for your life, the moment you stop living and start dying.
Have you ever paused to ponder why many civil servants die immediately they retire from service?
One of the main reasons is because of inactivity. Why this is so is because the programme of death is initiated internally because the civil servants usually build their lives around their career, so, as soon as their career come to an end, their plans would also come to an end like a car that has run out of petrol.
They would enter into the state of inactivity. This simply means psychological death which naturally brings about physical death.
Because the plans that they for themselves have come to an end, they would stop setting goals or striving to be better and from that moment, they would gradually begin to die.
Therefore, because they have nothing again to live for, their brain would put in place a program of death which begins gradually to kill their adrenaline as well as their body immunity, making it difficult for them to recover from any illness and before you know it, they are gone.
This is also the same reason celebrities who could not re-invent themselves when their career come to an end become depressive or even commit suicide,not having anything again to live for.
Therefore, one of the biggest secrets of longevity is activity,that is always setting goals and working towards it.
For you to live a long, healthy life, you should always have visions of the nearest and future details in your mind and step by step begin to go after them
You should keep on editing, revising and modernizing them so that they would never come to an end. This would keep you young, agile and focused.
You should always bear in mind that it is very dangerous to live without goals. In fact, living your life without goals or activities is simply killing yourself softly, starting from within. And like kerosene, once the brain has initiated the program internally, it would quietly spread to the outside,that is killing the person physically.
Apart from inactivity, the other thing that kills people gradually is the kind of people that surround us.
The truth is that toxic and negative people are always sucking our life energy away and quietly killing us.
In my book,entitled, 'How To Be The Best That You Can Be,' I described this kind of people as the neo-eliabites (Remember the Eliab in the book of Samuel in the Bible). I had described neo-eliabism as both a physical and psychological spirit that keeps individuals, families, organizations, nations and even continents away from achieving their full potentials.
“The neo-eliabists don`t want you to grow. They want you to die unsung. They want to impress it on you that where you are right now is what you are. They want you to believe that the lineage you came from is one of failures  and as such you cannot be different. They want you to  believe that you are from birth cursed  and as such ,no matter how hard you try ,nothing good can come from you.” The chapter read in part.
These toxic and negative people,all they are good at is killing people psychologically and when one is dead psychologically, he would be dead physically
Therefore, if you want to live a healthy and a long life, you have to protect yourself from toxic and negative people. You have to keep your distance from anyone who always try to put you down, instead of push you up and SURROUND yourself with positive and supportive people.
Wishing you a happy and a healthy Christmas.

Source: News Express

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