Zero Corruption Coalition sets agenda for Buhari

Posted by News Express | 6 May 2015 | 3,162 times

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An interest group, Zero Corruption Coalition yesterday expressed its belief in President-elect Muhammadu Buhari’s resilience and vision of leadership for Nigeria, urging him to rid the nation of corruption.

The group, in a statement signed by Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani) and Nwagwu Ezenwa, said corruption has resulted in the death of many Nigerians, especially as scarce resources that should have been used to provide qualitative healthcare services for all, particularly the vulnerable groups in our midst, good roads, qualitative education in public schools, employment opportunities for teeming unemployed population including the youth, amongst others, have been diverted into private pockets, thus depriving majority of Nigerians the opportunity of benefitting from the nation’s God-given wealth.

“It is against this background that many Nigerians voted for General Buhari (Rtd.) and his party, in the belief, that your administration would fight strenuously to rid Nigeria of this foremost debilitating disease of Corruption, once and for all,” it stated.

The group also said that as Buhari commences putting together the core team that would work with him to achieve his vision of a new Nigeria, he should look for people of integrity who would do things differently and confront corruption frontally.

“We urge that every member of his team, must be individual that meet the following criteria:

1. He or she must have recorded high levels of integrity both in his or her public and private life.

2. He or she must never have been convicted of corruption or implicated in any corruption cases.

3. He or she must not have any allegations of corruption or corruption charges pending against him or her. Where such exists, the nominee in question must first ensure that he or she conclusively clear himself or herself of such allegations using existing official channels before the process of his or her nomination gets on the way, including before being presented to the National Assembly for consideration.

4. He or she must also have declared he or her assets publicly as this later requirement aligns with your recent comment, affirming your commitment to ensuring that this constitutional responsibility is discharged by yourself and by everyone that would be nominated to work with his administration, must be done conscientiously and made open to public scrutiny in line with the requirements of the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act, 2011.

“These requirements should not be applicable to only members of his cabinet, but also extend to each and every person that would be considered for appointment into any public office, under your administration,” it also stated.

The group also urged him to also encourage members of his party aspiring to hold leadership positions in the 8th National Assembly to be above board.

It, however, acknowledged the challenges the administration would face in relation to revenue as a result of the falling price of crude oil in the international market, asking his government to address all forms of corruption in the tax administration system.

“The abusive and arbitrary use of tax incentives, leakages in tax collection resulting in tax avoidance, evasion and illicit financial outflows would help shore up domestic revenue needed for development.

“General Buhari (Rtd.) and his party would also do well to ensure, that these requirements are also made applicable to all appointments made by his party at the level of the States and Local Government Council Areas under the control of your party (the All Peoples’ Congress – APC), including the leadership of the State Houses of Assembly, amongst others.”

Failure to do this, according to the group, would mean that the President elect and his party would have failed the generality of Nigerians, including the many who died in the process of ensuring that his party emerges victorious at the polls, including those who died celebrating his victory.

“The souls of these committed Nigerians, whose lives have been cut short on account of their un-avowed commitment and belief in the message of “Change” that both General Buhari (Rtd.) and his party preached in the run-up to the elections and those of many Nigerians who are still alive, would certainly never forgive him, if he falter or fail to keep to his “Anti-Corruption” promise.”

Photo shows Buhari.

Source: News Express

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