Dis Uber people no get respect at all

Posted by News Express | 28 August 2020 | 565 times

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Everybody for Lagos jus dey hustle anyhow. And if you no be careful, dem go carry your own hustle take join dia own and hustle everyting for dia own belle.

Na im make for Berger Oke, as you jus enter Lagos, di first signboard you go see na “This is Lagos”.

Diaris noting like “Welcome to Lagos” as you go see wen you enter order state.

In short, nobody welcome you to Lagos. You dey On Your Own (OYO). Di meaning be say, dis is Lagos, anyting wey you see – good or bad – jus take am so.

Dat's why, if you dey for Lagos and you dey do smesme, na so dem go use your brain for you and call you mumu join am.

Na im make for our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge, our union member dem no dey take am play with anybody wey wan do like say e too sabi.

See like yesterday, one bobo like dat come park im motor for front of our garage.

Di bobo do like say e jus park to receive or make call. But na so di bobo park dey hold phone for im ear ti-ti-ti.

Na Jimoh, our Union Chairman wey jus go drop passenger come back notice di bobo.

Jimoh first drive inside garage and park im taxi. Den e come tell me, Akpan, Emeka and Idowu say make we take style dey monitor dat bobo wey park dia dey do like say e dey for phone call.

We no first understand wetin our chairman mean. Na wen one passenger wan waka enter garage we come understand.

Na so di bobo quick quick drop im phone, whine down im taxi window and call back di passenger.

All of us waka small small go for dia. We ask am wetin e dey do for di place. Di bobo first wan use ogboju. E wan claim right say e fit park anywia, say na gofment get land.

We jus signal all dose Area Boys dem for under di bridge make dem come deal with di bobo.

Only di first hot slap wey dem land am for face, di bobo confess say e be Uber driver.  Shiooorr!

Na dat time Iya Kazeem wey dey sell Alomo and cigar for our garage talk say no be di first time e see dat motor for dat place be dis. E say na everyday di bobo dey come park dia dey hold phone for ear. Tori Olorun!

So, e mean say na so dis Uber driver dey park for dia dey collect any passenger wey wan enter our garage? Olorun Oba o!

Na so di Area Boys dem escort di bobo go for dia headquarter for under bridge.

I sure say by di time dem finish with am, di bobo go sabi say “This is Lagos”.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you

Tank you very much

And tank you very, very much indeed.

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