COINCIDENCES: Between Pope Benedict XVI and Ex-President Obasanjo

Posted by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth | 13 February 2013 | 4,037 times

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Ex-President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo earned a second term in office as a result of the presidential elections of April 19, 2003 and so he was dubbed a 4-19 President. 

Similarly, Pope Benedict XVI was elected on April 19, 2005, so he is a 4-19 Pope.
Pope Benedict XVI and President Obasanjo were both soldiers and they are both battle tested, the Pope in the Second World War and Obasanjo during the Nigerian Civil War.
Pope Benedict XVI is the leader of one billion Catholics worldwide and Obasanjo was the President of Nigeria, the world’s most populous black country and was as well Chairman of the
African Union then described as the torch bearer of 1.2 billion blacks worldwide.


Between California and Lagos

There are interesting developments between the United States and Nigeria with regard to California State and Lagos State.

California State and Lagos State are bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. They are the richest states of the U.S. and Nigeria respectively.

Californians and Lagosians have had great cause to mark the date September 9. In the case of California September 9 marks the admission (1850) of California to the Union of the United States. In the case of Lagos it marks the birthday of Buba Marwa, the most popular military administrator of Lagos State (born 1953).

California and Lagos lead in manufacturing, IT and the entertainment industries of U.S. and Nigeria respectively.

In California there was Leland Stanford, born March 9, 1824, a pioneering business man, lawyer and philanthropist who lost a son. Stanford kept dogs, bred award-winning horses and had a deep interest in farm machinery. Relatedly, in Lagos we have Subomi Balogun, born March 9, 1934, a lawyer, pioneering banker and philanthropist. He also lost a son. Like Stanford, Balogun loves animal life and agriculture. Balogun keeps ostriches, rabbits, goats and grasscuters. He also loves cultivating food crops.

Stanford was governor of California and Balogun’s influence looms large over Lagos State for most of the managing directors of banks in Nigeria and senior managers once worked under him.

In California we have Steve Jobs born February 24, 1955. Much talked about, business mogul he rose from grass to grace. Jobbs was known to walk long distances for free meals provided by the adherents of Hare Krishna. Born of a Muslim father he had an aversion for television and has been described as a technology evangelist.

In Lagos we have Jimoh Ibrahim, born February 24 1967, known for his phenomenal rise in the business world and known for eating on credit as an undergraduate. Also born of a Muslim father, he has an aversion for video films and has been described as a motivational speaker.

Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College which has the only nuclear facility operated by students whereas Jimoh Ibrahim finished at the Obafemi Awolowo University which has Nigeria’s only programme in nuclear engineering.

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Source: News Express

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