What Nigerian youths say about Big Brother Naija

Posted by News Express | 11 August 2020 | 1,422 times

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One of the three spokesmen to former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, author and lawyer, Bemigho Reno Omokri some days back highlighted the negative aspects of the television reality show, Big Brother Naija.

There were mixed reactions from a cross section of Nigerian youths.

Omokri had tweeted: “#BBNaija isn’t there to entertain you. It’s there to exploit you. They put few youths in a house to engage in immorality just to win ₦85 million. 200 million Nigerians waste trillions of Naira voting. Who is the real BBNaija winner? The organiser!"

Some youths outrightly did not take it kindly with the 46 years old pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California and Abuja who is also known for using social media to project the Gospel, while a few tried to reason with his submission.

Below are the first 21 reactions which, to a large extent, portray what Nigerian youths think about the controversial programme currently in its season 5 tagged BBNaija Lockdown.

“Weĺl you need to organise something different to compete with bigbrother.

Bigbrother is there to make money ...it's business. You can organize your own moral uplifting reality show and compete with bigbrother. No body will stop you." - Emeka

"The way you’re campaigning against big brother one would think you have something personal against the team." - Ezinne Rhea

“At least it's by choice and it's clearly rated 18, no one is forced to spend money to vote. People do that voluntarily to keep their favourite housemates.

The immorality is being promoted in Nigeria with or without bbn. BBN started 5 years ago, immorality did not start 5 years ago." - Adebayo Oluwashina P.

"Sir!!! A frustrated man once said; if you have fought your problem and no result, find something that eases your frustrations that way, you'll find peace with yourself. The real problem is not the youth, we all know it and #bbnaijialockdown is a way to ease our frustration." - Akinseye Ayodeji

"Personally, I feel the show is demonic! Who the hell is the face behind the Big Brother? The show seems to be conditioning the minds of the youths to accept immorality as a norm. This is social engineering and it's working. I hate that show with every ounce of me." - Elem C

"I once asked myself that question! Who is the anonymous face behind the voice?? It's strange." - Rosie.

"Do you know that it would take only global billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to pull the kind of financial profit milestone Big Brother Naija did within 90 days? N8.4 billion in sms votes alone." - Rothschild

"League football isn’t there to entertain you. It‘s there to exploit you. They put few players on the pitch to kick a ball for a title. Millions of Nigerians waste trillions of Naira subscribing and watching. Who is the real winner? The organiser!

See how stupid that sounds?" - Jeremiah Lax

"BBNaija ain't no forceful TV show, mind you. It has a license from the FG, it's not watched only in Nigeria, 48 African countries watch it. The immoralities in the country are far more than BBNaija. The show has its good sides too. Have a day that counts." - Arc Agboola Tunde

"Entertain or exploit, none of the voters have come to you for assistance of any kind. Channel this energy against the failed government and leave the youths to do their thing. If you're so pained, audition next year." - D Uncensored Lyricist

"The day a motivational speaker did the maths at a conference I attended during my NYSC at Abuja, I was shocked on how much the organisers are making compared to the winning prize." - Peres Richly Jacob

"Besides sitting behind your phone and tweeting, what have you done to engage the youth? You are part of folks who brought ruins upon Nigeria. When you were in government, what did you do to provide for the lot of the Nigerian youth?" - Kokomma

"If it’s paining you this much that you’re giving us hot takes every 2 days, please just block 198 on your dstv. Not to dey vex na. Gbogbo eleyi ko necestri." - Erica

"This shouldn't be a problem. The show is all about brand marketing. What choice do this country leave us? Every man trying to survive which way they can.

Same way u doing wat u do to survive. So u need not condern that show. U dont need to watch it." - Oladeji

"And we talk of immorality, even without the #BBNaijia are we morally upright? Or is it not in this same country that Pastors and Alhaji are involved in homosexuality and embezzlement of public funds? The world is on autopilot, everyone for himself." - St David.

"In a few more weeks,  Big Brother will be over. I can't wait to see how less immoral Nigeria will be. Maybe the rape cases of underage children will stop. Security will be top notch.

When Big Brother is over, all Nigeria's problems will be solved. Poverty will be eradicated." -  Delatade

"It created thousands of direct and indirect jobs, not different from movies with total nude scenes that we praise than under the duvet action we only have to imagine what may be happening and such may just happen once in the whole show." - Ekene Ogbuowelu

"While I don't watch BBNaija, It is a choice to watch it and this applies to everyone. It is not NGO and I find it disturbing working out the profit to be made. If you run your business, don't plan to make profit. The parental guidance is also there for restrictions.  Stay safe." - Seundiran

"I don't know why this is so difficult for people to understand. I hardly tune-in to the channel, but I don't have any problem with anyone that wishes to watch." - Amb. Marlo

"I like you a lot. But you need to take a chill pill on this issue. Inspire us in other ways and not this unnecessary  hate doctrine." - Starikhanoba

"I see your point sir, but the same youths are idle, the world is on a pandemic 'lockdown', Big Brother, just like any other businessman/organization, is simply leveraging the situation." - Obianuju




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