Aisha wan do me boju boju

Posted by News Express | 17 July 2020 | 630 times

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 Wen I talk say dem no dey buy experience for market, some people go tink say I dey joke.

Me, I get experience for plenty  ting for dis world.

If you talk of taxi driver work, dat one I be Baba.

If you talk of how to deal with Area Boys dem wey full for Lagos, especially Isale Eko, dat one na me be di master.

If you talk of how to handle all dis Allen Avenue ashawo dem wey go enter taxi for night wen dem sabi say dem no hold shi shi but dey wait to do trade by barter with dia kini  wen dem wan come down, dat one I get A1.

If na all dis Lagos sisi dem wey no dey let di son of man rest for garage, dat one I be Prof.

In short, any how dem want am, I get experience full ground, and I dey kamkpe.

To do taxi driver work for Lagos since before Biafra war no be moi moi. You sef tink am nah.

Na so I siddon for our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge after dat big rain wey jus fall finish.

Una kukuma sabi how Lagos road dey be wen rain jus drop small, not to talk of di rain wey fall yanfu yanfu from morning till afternoon yesterday.

All our union member dem for our garage dey wait make rain water dry for road small as all all di road don turn to Lagos lagoon. Everybody for garage dey sleep, only me dey awake.

Na so Aisha bring im market enter our garage. Aisha don prepare orisirisi agbo fill inside like 20 botlle, put all for inside one small plastic basin and carry am for head.

As e carry di agbo for head, Aisha don prepare kpomo, mix am with red pepper, put di kpomo inside one big white plastic, hold am for hand dey waka. So, agbo for head, kpomo for hand.

As Aisha enter garage, e quick quick keep di kpomo, den bring down di agbo basin.

Come see di agbo as e dey bring out smoke for dat cold weather. And anybody wey see di kpomo must swallow saliva. Tori Olorun!

Aisha ask me which agbo I wan buy, I tell am say sebi im know say I no dey drink agbo, my agbo na “My Usual” wey I dey take for Madam Shine buka.

E say since I no wan drink agbo, make I chop kpomo nah. As Aisha jus open di kpomo container, come hear aroma everywia! Olorun Oba o!

Long throat wan finish me. I ask Aishatu how much be all di kpomo, e say one kpomo na N50 and na 30 kpomo dey inside di plastic.

I say no troublem, say I go pay am di N1,500. Aisha ask me weda na only me wan chop all di 30 kpomo, I tell am say as e do me for my throat, I fit finish all one time. Aisha come smile.

I tell am say but before I pay am for di kpomo, e must to follow me chop am. Aisha shout No ooooo!

I say OK, make e chop only one. E say e never taste kpomo since im mama born am. Na im I tell am say me sef never taste kpomo since my mama born me for my village for Ogbomoso. But as e be say na im do di kpomo, I go chop am for di first time.

Aisha say noting go make am chop di kpomo. Instead make I no buy di kpomo again. Olorun Oba o!

I ask am say, so e like to carry di market waka from garage to garage for di whole Lagos? E  say yes.

Before I say Jack, di mobile agbo girl don carry im market for head, waka comot.

I come talk am for my mind say, no be me and you. You no fit play me dat your boju boju. You tink say I no sabi wetin you wash put for di kpomo to make am move market? Why you wey sell kpomo no fit chop your kpomo?

I no fit chop di ting wey I go chop finish I go forgot my family begin run dey follow you for nyansh.

Abeg carry your love juju go!

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.


Source: News Express

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