Alcoholic killer monkey leaves one man dead and 250 injured after going on rampage

Posted by News Express | 20 June 2020 | 1,817 times

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•The alcoholic killer monkey

An alcoholic killer monkey has left one man dead and 250 injured after going on the rampage when his booze supply dried up in India.

The inebriated imp, known as Kalua, was formerly the pet of an occultist who fed him hard liquor at his home in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.

But after his owner died, the bereft animal stopped getting his supply of spirits and began prowling the streets in a furious rage.

The simian targeted women and girls in particular, with dozens of children left needing plastic surgery after he ripped open their faces with his fangs.

The animal has since been caught and will now be kept in captivity for the rest of its life. 

One of Kalua’s 250 biting victims died, IANS reported.

The six-year-old monkey was eventually captured and hauled into Kanpur Zoo where zoologists discovered that he was not only an alcoholic, but that he refused to eat vegetables.

The scientists believe that the occultist must have also fed the monkey meat, another possible cause for his indefatigable anger.

It was also noted that the monkey had a propensity for attacking female zookeepers and would also attack other monkeys if put in the same cage.

It has therefore been decided that Kalua will remain locked in a cage at the zoo for the rest of his days.

It is the latest in a litany of shocking stories about monkeys to emerge from the subcontinent.

Among the charges levelled at the marauding species: robbery, kidnapping and murder.

At the end of last month, an Indian health worker was mobbed by a pack of the primates who stole coronavirus blood samples, sparking fears they would spread the disease.

After making off with the three samples in Meerut, near New Delhi, the monkeys scampered up nearby trees and one then tried to chew its plunder.

The sample boxes were later recovered and had not been damaged, Meerut Medical college superintendent Dheeraj Raj told AFP on Friday, after footage of the encounter went viral on social media.

The monkey scourge is a global one and in perhaps the most viral example to date, footage from Indonesia showed a motorcycle-riding monkey kidnapping a toddler.

The video, thought to have been filmed in Tanjungsari Village, Indonesia, showed the animal speeding along a narrow street on a bike.

As it reached a bench where a woman and her three young daughters were sitting, the monkey grabbed at one of the girls' dresses and pulled her from the bench.

The situation turned more sinister as the monkey continued to pull the girl along the road.

Eventually another man ran into the shot and scared the monkey away from the toddler. She ran crying back to her mother.  (Daily Mail)

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