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Shey na me bring Coro come?

Posted by News Express | 29 May 2020 | 443 times

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Dis Coro matter don come get as e be. Everybody jus wan use Coro chop money. Gofment o, company o, trader dem o, tailor o, all of dem dey target money.

All di ‘Obioma’ and Aboki wey dey carry sewing machine for head dey waka from street to street tele tele don become emergency facemask tailor.

All di woman dem wey dey sell tomatoe, pepper, tatashe, ororo, salt, isi okporoko and crayfish for bus stop night market don turn to facemask and sanatiser supplier.

Di sanitiser, na orisirisi dey. E get some wey resemble ogogoro, some be like say person piss inside bottle, some yellow, some white, some red, and some na all of di above. And all na sanitiser dem call am.

Facemask nko? Dat one na im worss pass. In short, no type of cloth wey dem no take sew facemask now – Ankra o, lace o, net o. In short, e remain make sisi dem use dia G-String dross do facemask. Tori Olorun!

Na so I go drop passenger for Costain di order day. Wen I come back for our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge, say make I rest small, Sikiratu enter.

Sikiratu bring orisirisi facemask come say make I follow am buy. I tell am say, as I dey so, di facemask wey dey inside dat my guonguoro pass 10.

I ask am weda e no dey work again for Madam Shine buka. Sikiratu say make I forget dat ting, say now every body dey hustle.

Sikiratu say if I no buy facemask for im hand, na im be say I no like am. Dis buka girl come flash me one kind wicked smile wey make my heart come dey do jigi jigi like railway.

Na so I come buy four facemask for Sikiratu hand o. Na wetin man go do nau?

As Sikiratu jus comot, Aisha enter, e no come carry im mobile buka for head. I ask am weda e no sell market today.

Aisha say na business e dey do now. Before I even ask am which kind business, Aisha wey dey carry ewa agonyi for head dey waka dey sell, open one bag like dat and bring out orisirisi facemask, say make I buy.

I tell Aisha say I get facemask yanfu yanfu. Aisha no gree o. E say im own na quality one, no be all dis pokunlowo e, wey people  dey carry waka upandan. Aisha say I must to support im market if na true say I love am.

Na so di son of man take buy anoder four facemask o. Olorun Oba o!

As Aisha begin go, I say make I jus go drive my guonguoro comot enter road go find passenger carry.

As I open di door to enter my pilot seat, na im one pelenge bobo wey be like broom waka come meet me. E say e wan make I follow am buy original sanitiser.

I tell am say na fake sanitiser I dey find since morning, no be original. Di bobo come look my face ti-ti-ti-ti. E say well, if na fake I wan buy, e get am too.

Na im I tell am say if e no run comot for dis garage now now now, I go call olopa for am.

I do like say I wan make call with my torch-light chinko phone. Come see as dis bobo pick race.

I come talk am for my mind say, oloshi ni yin. Shey my name na ObaniKoro wey make dem tink say na me bring dis Coro come?

Nonsense and Ingredients!

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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