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Davido you do well o!

Posted by News Express | 30 August 2019 | 1,760 times

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Orisirisi people nah im dey for dis world – some good, some bad. And  Lagos true, true na center of excellence as dem dey talk am. Person wey wan bad go bad gan, and person wey wan good go over good for Lagos.  All na excellence.

As e be say passenger no gree show face, na so we siddon yesterday dey play draft for our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge.

7 o’clock a.m. in di morning, 8, 9, 10, 11 - no passenger. We jus dey look oursef ti ti ti like say we drink one drum of Lookozade.

As time jus nack 12:30 O’clock p.m in di afternoon, na im one bobo like dat waka enter garage.

I jump up go meet am. Di bobo say make I carry am for drop go Alaba International Market wey dey after Trade Fair Complex for Mile 2/Badagry Expressway.

Wen I remember di kind Go Slow wey dey always dey for dat road, I no know weda make I tell di bobo say I no dey go.

But wen I remember say we don siddon for garage since morning, no passenger and small time night go come, how man go begin go house, no shishi for hand?

Na im make I say I must carry di bobo go, even if na Togo e wan make I carry am go, I ready to carry am. After all, I no get anoder work.

I tell di bobo my price, e say make I no worry, im ready to pay. Di bobo kukuma sabi as dat road be.

We don dey go be dat. I take Agege Motor Road, to go Oshodi, den begin face Mile 2.

As we reach for Shogunle, Go Slow full ground. Di bobo say im wan drink water. I call one madam like dat wey dey sell Pure Water tutu re, but my passenger say na bottle water e wan buy.

Na im I call anoder woman wey dey sell bottle water and mineral, plus including Gala.

Wen di woman come, di bobo buy four bottle water and four Gala. I come dey wonder how dis bobo wan take swallow four Gala and empty four bottle water.

As e pay di woman, di bobo pass two bottle water and two Gala give me. E say make I take am, say me wey dey drive upadan suppose to dey refresh. I wan collect only one water and one Gala, e say make I take di two both of dem. I tank am.

As we reach Oshodi, to bend and enter Mile 2 Express, di bobo say e need recharge card. I park for one corner, den call one sisi wey tanda for road dey sell recharge card.

Di bobo buy MTN 2k, Airtel 2k and Glo 2k. E ask me which network I dey use. I tell am say make e no worry, say I still get small credit inside my chinko torch light phone.

Di bobo say make I just tell di sisi which line I dey use. I say na  9mobile. Di bobo tell di sisi make e give me 2k 9mobile recharge card. I no know di time wey I shout “Olorun Oba o!”

Wen we reach Okokomaiko, I see say my petrol tank  don dey go empty. I tell di bobo say make  e no vex, say I wan branch buy petrol for station. Di bobo say no wahala.

Di petrol attendant ask me how much petrol I wan buy, I say make e put for 2k. I see say di ting don pass 2k dey go 3k, na im I shout for di petrol attendant. I ask am weda im ear don block.

Instead make e stop, di petrol attendant say make I no worry. E put 3k, 4k den 5k. I jus dey look am as e go take ask me to pay for wetin I no wan buy.

Wen e off di pump, na im I comot 2k to pay, di petrol attendant say make I no worry. I come talk am for my mind say weda na free petrol di station dey give dat day.

I see as di petrol attendant turn go passenger seat for back of my guonguoro, na im my passenger comot 5k pay am. As I wan open mouth ask why, my passenger say make I no worry, say na im been siddon for back signal di petrol attendant make  e  sell 5k petrol. Tori Olorun!

Wen we reach Alaba International Market, di bobo pay me my money. As e wan waka go, I tell am say how e go jus waka like dat after all di ting e do for me dat afternoon. E say make I forgot am, say na small ting.

I ask am im name, e say im name na David. E say make I no tank am, make I tank God.

Na so I wait dey look am as e dey go till I no see am again. 

Abeg make una helep me tank Oga David for me. I never see dis kind good passenger since I begin do dis my taxi driver work for dis Lagos. Dis one pass ordinary  David, na im make I call am Davido.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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