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Sikiratu tell me say, ‘If you COZA me, I Busola you’

Posted by News Express | 2 July 2019 | 1,457 times

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Di kind word wey we dey hear now, na wa o. Since last week, all di passenger dem wey I dey carry for my guonguoro na so so coza dem dey talk about.

Before, I no hear di ting well. I tink say na tusa dem mean.

Dat’s why wen I ask Emeka, our union member, wetin be all dis tusa tusa wey everybody dey talk about, Emeka laugh me tire.

I ask am why e dey laugh me, e tell me say di ting wey dem dey talk no be tusa. E say tusa for im language mean drop, like water drop for ground.

Emeka come tell me say di one people dey talk now na coza.

But up till today, Emeka no gree tell me wetin coza mean. Di bobo dey even vex anytime I talk about tusa, sorry coza.

Na so yesterday, as I just go drop passenger for Oyingbo come back say make I rest small for garage, na im Sikiratu enter.

If you see wetin dis buka girl wear, hmmm, you must to swallow saliva. I swear!

Una kukuma sabi say Sikiratu full – front and back. Di paw paw wey e carry for chest na full moon. And na so di ting just dey stand like standard bank.

Im boys quarters nko? Dat one na helele. As e just enter garage, na so e take style turn im back. I sabi well well say e do am korokoro make I see wetin e carry for back.

And true true, Sikiratu sabi package body no be small. If no be say I know well well say e no go school, I for believe say Sikiratu been study packaging science.

Any time Sikiratu don package front and back finish, den come appear for our garage like dis, na so all our union member dia eye go just dey move cha-cha-cha like video camera.

Dat yesterday na so Sikiratu package come see me for garage. I call am di lovi lovi name wey I give am. I say, “Welcome my Siki Babe.” 

Na im Sikiratu smile and say, “Oga MAT my darling, how you dey?”

I tell am say I dey fine. I come ask am say dis one wey im just appear so,  I hope I dey safe o.

Sikiratu say, “Noting do you my darling, sebi na you be Oga Man About Town nah, a.k.a Oga MAT.”

Na true say dis girl sabi whine me, e dey always make my head swell up. Na im make my union member dem dey talk say if Sikiratu no kill Oga MAT, na Oga MAT go kill Sikiratu. I know say dat one na jealosy talk.

As Siki Babe just turn im back for me, everyting for my body just stand paparapa. I no know wen my body begin come dey shake like Shakespeare.

Na so I come hold Sikiratu from back. If you see as dis girl jump comot, you go tink say weda e march snake.

Sikiratu come dey shout: “See dis agbaya o! Why you want touch my kini? Na so you like me, you come allow dat your useless ewa agoyin girl fight me for una garage here, sote olopa carry us go station and you do like say noting concern you? Shame!

“Now you wan come touch my kini, shame! Look make I tell you, dis no be dat Sikiratu you sabi yesterday. Now, if you coza me, I busola you. I swear!”

See me, see troublem o. Na so I tanda for dia, open mouth dey look Sikiratu.

(To be continued)

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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