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My Easter jolly jolly with Sikiratu nearly break my waist (2)

Posted by News Express | 26 April 2019 | 1,536 times

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 Wen I see my wife Bose, I nearly faint. My eye and Bose eye just jam. I no come know weda or wedan’t to open my guonguoro door.

Bose smile, me sef open my teeth like say I dey smile. I wind down di window, Bose come look Sikiratu ti-ti-ti. Sikiratu no make pim.

Di next ting, Bose ask me who be di sisi wey siddon with me for di front seat of my guonguoro. Before I open my mouth sef, come see Sikiratu in action. Tori Olorun!

I no sabi say Sikiratu na real actor. As we dey talk, di crowd wey full for di street dey sing and dance.

Sikiratu ask my wife Bose, “Excuse me ma, abeg na here be di joint wey dem dey do short time?” Olorun Oba o! My heart nearly fall trowey for ground.

Bose ask Sikiratu, “Which kind question be dat? Me I know sabi any place wey dem dey do short time o. Na evangelism my church come do for di people here o. Abi na short time you and my husband come do for here?”

As Sikiratu hear dat one, e open door of my guonguoro and jump out. E shout, “Praise di Lord!!!”

E run go di side wey my wife stand, e embreast my wife and say, “Glory be to God! Madam, so you be my mummy in di Lord and wife of dis very nice taxi driver?”

Sikiratu tell my wife say one pastor invite am make e come for di evangelism wey im church want do for near one joint wey dem dey do over time.

E say im and di taxi driver don drive round di hole of dis area, dey find dis place ti-ti-ti, sote e come dey pity di taxi driver, but di man no just worry.

Sikiratu ask Bose, "So ma, na you dey marry dis nice man? God really bless you o!". Bose tell am say, "Hmm, my belove daughter, na God o!" As I hear dat one, my belle come sweet well well.

Sikiratu turn and ask me how much be im money for di drop wey I carry am come dia. I tell am make e just pay any amount, as e be say im na my wife church member.

As Sikiratu open dat im bag to bring out money, Bose tell Sikiratu, “Come, my pikin, no worry about di money. I go pay my husband wen we reach house.”

Na so Bose hold Sikiratu hand, begin go for dia church evangelism wey dey go on for di short time joint street.

Bose no see as Sikiratu take style turn back as dem dey go togeder, and blow me one hot kiss. And me sef blow am back.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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