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If dis na luck, I jump and pass

Posted by News Express | 19 April 2019 | 1,367 times

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Lagos passenger  dem no go  kill man pikin  o! Helep me say Amin !!

If all di orisirisi tings wey we taxi driver dey see for Lagos road dey affect di eye, by now all of us for don become blind.

Luck wey I sabi , na better ting. Some woman dem get luck for man, some man dem get luck for woman body. Some pikin dem get luck for school. Some people get luck for church or mosque.

And some taxi driver dem get luck say dia taxi no dey too spoil. In short, orisirisi luck na im dey. But for my own case, di kind luck wey I see yesterday, hmm, dat one pass luck,  e enter for lucky.

As I comot for my house for Abule Egba dat yesterday morning, dey drive dey go for our garage wey dey for near Ikeja under bridge, na im one madam stop me for  Emmanuel bus stop.

If you see dis madam,  tori Olorun,,  afraid must to catch you. One of im leg be like four of my own, and na so di madam tall like di mountain wey dey for my village for Ogbomoso. Im body nko? Di madam and Dunlop Elite, I no know who pass who for size.

 As I stop for di madam, to waka come near my guonguoro sef na wahala, I still get to revise back go meet am for distance wey no reach two foot o.


As di madam just open mouth tell me "Drop", e be like say na Boeing 737 dey pass. Di madam see say I shock, na im e tell me make I no vex, say na so im voice be.


I come open my teeth like say I dey smile, I tell am no troublem, say I am use to dat kind sweet voice. For wia!


Na im di madam tell me make I carry am for drop go one street wey dey for dat same area. I ask am why e no kukuma take okada instead of to waste money for taxi drop. Di madam say okada people dey run for am. E say make I no worry,  say e go pay me my money.

I tell di madam make e enter. To open di door sef, come see as di madam dey breath like say e dey climb mountain.

Na im I go down, go open di passenger door for back for am. For madam to enter nko? Dat one na different tori all togeder.

E say make I wait make e first bend down and put im head for inside. After e put im head, e say make I helep am push im nyash enter for di back seat.

Na so I begin struggle to push dis madam boysquarters wey big pass di hole Jerusalem. Na small remain, I for faint on top of di matter. Olorun Oba o!

Di madam just dey tell me pele,  pele oko mi. I talk am for my mind say no be me and you.

Dat one never do o. To carry di madam leg inside di guonguoro wan pass second world war sef. But tank God I manage survive am.

I close di passenger door, turn go enter my driver seat. I put di key and open ignition to start di engine, everyting cease. Na so my guonguoro just faint!  Tori Olorun!

Madam ask me, "Se kosi, oko mi?" I no just mind am. I open door go down, na im I see say my two back tyre don go down flat.

Na wetin make I do? I no fit carry dis madam down make I pump or change di two flat tyre. And I no fit begin drive like dat dey go wen di engine sef don peme.

I tell di madam say I dey come. E say "E ma pe, oko mi". I enter di tipper garage wey dey near dat bus stop.

Na so I charter tipper take tow my guonguoro, go drop di madam. I also charter di tipper driver and im conductor make dem helep me carry di madam comot for my guonguoro.

Wen we manage carry am down, escort am enter for inside di hospital wey e say e wan go do check up, we wave am bye bye. Di madam ask me how much be im drop money plus including di tipper wey I take tow am.

 I tell am, and di madam count di money give me cash down. Di next ting be say, e ask me weda I go come back come carry am after I don pump my two tyre. I tell am yes. I open my teeth again, and I comot lef am.

As we dey go for outside, di tipper driver say I get luck to meet dis kind good passenger o. I ask am weda  na dis kind ting dem dey call  luck. If I been collapse like my guonguoro nko?

As we go near, I see say everyting for my guonguoro don wake up - di two back tyre, di ignition and di engine! Olorun modupe lo'wo yin o!!!

I just pay di tipper driver and pay im conductor for di hard labour. I jump inside my guonguoro and start di engine. I do sign of di cross and took off.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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