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Run! Ogbomoso wintch don land for Lagos!!

Posted by News Express | 5 April 2019 | 1,695 times

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Since wen I run comot for my village Ogbomoso come for Lagos, I never see wetin I see yesterday for road.

All of una kukuma sabi di tori how I take come Lagos and why. I no want waste una time to begin nack una di long tori – how Arike, my classmate for di village night school wey we dey siddon di same table talk say na me give am belle.

How Arike papa wey be ogbonge babalawo for our village one take juju finish me. How I lef di Standard 5 wey I dey for di night school, run comot for village.

How I come learn mecho work for Lagos. And after I do freedom for di mecho work, I come begin do dis my taxi driver work.

How I come meet Bose in di curse (Olorun maje) of my duty, den come marry am as my wife. How Bose don born two woman pikin for me, Bisi and Funke.

How my two pikin dem dey prepare for JAMB, wey dem go take enter university.

You see, I no want begin nack una all dis long tori. Wetin I want talk be say since wen I don begin dey do dis my taxi driver work, I never see wetin I see yesterday. If I lie, make I baf naked for bafroom.

Dat yesterday, I comot for house for morning say make I dey go for our garage wey dey for near Ikeja under bridge.

As I comot for Abule Egba wey I dey live with my family, want take dat round about, enter dat road to begin go Pen Cinema, na im one passenger stop me.

I match break fiiaamm. Di madam say make I carry am for drop go Alausa. I tell my price, e gree. Di madam open back door enter.

I put am for gear one to move,  na im I hear ppprrrruuuaaahhh!!! for under my guonguoro. I stop and come down. I see say na di entire exhaust pipe fall for ground. Tori Olorun!

And na 6.30 o'clock a.m in di morning be dis o. Wia I go see welder by dat time? I just drive comot for road and park well. Come hear di kind noise wey di motor make wen I drive to park well, di madam nearly open door jump out.

Di woman come dey shout: “Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus!!” I tell am say make e no fear, say na exhaust pipe fall comot. I say make e come down make I stop anoder taxi for am.

Di madam ask me wetin I go do, I tell am say I go wait make welder dem open shop. Di madam pity me no be small.

As di woman begin go with anoder taxi, na so I tanda ti-ti-ti-ti, I don forgot say na Thursday, environmental day for Lagos. Na so I dey for dia till 10:30 O’clock a.m in di morning before welder come open shop.

Di welder check under, e say na all di nut wey dey hold di exhaust pipe fall trowey, na im make di ting fall comot.

 E say na N1,000 e go take for my hand to do di work. I beg am make e collect N500. Di bobo shout for my head, e say how I go price dat kind market, weda na pepper e dey sell.

E say na me be im first customer dat morning, make I no spoil di day for am. Hmmm, na wetin I go do?  I tell am make e weld am.

As di body set everyting to start di work, na im e see say gas don finish for cylinder.

(To be continued)

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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