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I dey enjoy my boom

Posted by News Express | 22 February 2019 | 1,883 times

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I never enjoy as I enjoy dis week since wen I start dis my taxi driver work. Yesterday and today na helele. I swear!

Dis election wey dem wan do tomorrow Saturday don make our work sef pass oil boom. People just dey run kpru kpru kpru. Some dey go buy food, some petrol for dia gen, and some go withdraw money for bank.

People wan keep all dis ting dem for house, dey use am small small becos tomorow na election, and only God know which day people go comot for house again.

Na we taxi driver dey carry people upandan. And dem dey ready to pay any amount. Tell me, which business better pass dis?

Yesterday I no rest one second. My guonguoro dey for road till 12 o'clock pm for night wen I reach my house for Abule Egba.

Dis morning nko, I just say make I pack one corner for road and nack una dis tori, anoder passenger fit carry me now, and e no good make I disapoint una. I sabi well well say if I no nack una dis tori today Friday, e get as body go do una. Una no go feel fine. Abi I lie?

Since dis morning, I don carry passenger dem for drop reach like 10. And I never eat o. Tori Olorun!

All di passenger dem wey I carry no give me wahala, na only dis last one. And na one extra large madam like dat. Di woman big no be small.

Di paw paw wey e carry for chest, e be like Dunlop Elite. Di Boys Quarter nko?  Dat one na who-send-you-come. If dem take am swear for person, dat person go just swell up die. Di ting big no be small.

Di madam see me for Alausa near one bank wey I go drop one passenger. E comot for ATM,  wave me, I stop. For di madam to waka come enter nah, e take am like one hour. Shoooo!  Which kind fat be dis?

And wen e come reach, I open di back door for am, di madam no gree enter for back, e say e wan siddon for front seat. I open di front door. Di madam say make I helep am carry im first leg up. As I bend down, carry di leg wey be like five of my leg join togeder, my backbone just make ppprrraaa! 

My broda, afraid catch me, I tink say my spinal cord don cut. Di madam use im hand, rob my back. E say make I sorry. As e dey rob my back, me sef come dey do like say di ting too pain me.

Na so di madam just enter siddon yakata!  My guonguoro nearly breath last. All di spring wey dey for under my guonguoro just dey shout. Olorun Oba o!  To start engine sef come be wahala. I come tell two agbero wey dey dia make dem helep me push am small, make di motor start.

As di engine start, di madam comot N500 give di two area boy. E  come tell me say make I drop am for Maryland. I tell am my price, di woman put hand for handbag, bring out money and pay me. I count di money, na double of wetin I charge am. My mind come sweet, no be small.

Di madam say make I manage dat one, use part repair my waist and use part take fix di spring and engine of my guonguoro. I come tank am well well.

As we reach im house for Maryland, to come down again na helele. Di madam say make I come down, turn come im side, and helep am come down.

Na so I hold di madam. E kukuma carry all im body take embreast me patapata. Na God just hold me wey I no land for ground.

As e come down, di madam bring out anoder money give me. I look am, e look me. I smile, e smile. I tank am, e tank me. I enter my guonguoro and took off.

As I comot for di madam street, na im I pack for one side make I nack una dis tori and make me and my guonguoro sef take style rest small from di hard labour. But money dey inside di hard labour sha. I don close for today be dat o. Make I go prepare for election tomorrow.

Make we jam again on Tuesday 

Tank you.

Tank you very much

And tank you very, very much indeed

Source: News Express

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