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I don land for Aso Rock

Posted by News Express | 4 January 2019 | 2,096 times

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Since dat 31st night wey my wife Bose say I must follow am and our two woman pikin dem go cross over for im church wey dey for Pen Cinema, na im I sabi say weda or wedan't  di devil like am, dis year must to better for me.

Tank God say I no go Madam Shine buka after I close dat evening. One mind tell me say make I go home. As I drop one passenger like dat for Dopemu,  na im I begin face Abule Egba.

I reach house around 10 O’clock pm in di night. I meet Bose and our pikin dem dey dress. Dem say dem want go do cross over for church. Bose tell me say make I go drop dem. I tell am say I don tire well well. I say make I charter Keke Marwa for di three both of dem. I bring out money to give dem, Bose reject di money.

Bose say how dem go begin go find Keke Marwa for dat time of di night wen im husband guonguoro dey dia? Di next ting Bose say, “Honey please nah, I sabi say you love me and your pikin dem. Abeg go drop us for church. Honey please!”

Which day Bose begin call me Honey?  I come talk am for my mind say see dis Ilesha woman o. My wife wey be say before I talk one ting, e don talk ten, and na so im mouth go dey do ta ta ta ta ta ta like typewriter.

After e call me Honey, Bose come give me one kind lovi lovi smile like dat. My broder, I weak. Anybody wey talk say woman no get power, na im be say dat person na learner.

Wen I carry dem go reach di church compound for Pen Cinema, I say make dem come down make I go back house. Bose say make I follow dem enter inside church nah as I don kukuma reach dat place.

My body come be like say dem pour me ice water, I come dey hear one voice for inside my head dey tell me say, “My son, follow your family.”

See as di church full, people wey dey for outside plenty pass people for inside sef. E come be like say na di hole people wey dey for Agege go dat church dat night.

Dem dey sing, dem dey dance, dem dey clap dia hand and band dey play. I no fit remember di day my leg enter any church last.

We no even siddon wen di pastor say make dem stop to sing. Everywia come quiet patapata. Di next ting be say, di pastor talk say e dey one taxi driver wey enter di church dat very time, e say make di person come out.  Na so di hole church come dey look to see who di person be. Me sef I follow look back, I dey tink who be dat taxi driver wey di pastor say make e come out.

Di pastor come point hand at me, I do sign for am weda na me, di pastor say: “Yes na you, come out!” Come see as all di eyes wey dey for inside and outside gum for my body. Tori Olorun!

Na im I step forward. Di pastor say as dem see me so, I be great man. Everybody say Amin!  Pastor say e see me begin drive for one high place like dat dis year. Everybody say Amin! E say di name of dat high place begin with di word Aso, and na me go be Chief Driver. Di hole church come shout one kind loud Amin like dat.

Pastor say make I kneel down. E say make di hole church point hand and pray for me. Come see prayer! Olorun Oba o!

After dat, di pastor rub oil for my head and say: “Go my son, it is done” Na im di hole church begin clap till I reach wia me and my family siddon.

Na im make I sabi say, weda or wedan’t di enemy like am, dis year I go land for Aso Rock, in fact, I don even land finish. Helep me say Amin!

Make we jam again for Tuesday.

Tank you

Tank you very much

And tank you very very much indeed.


Source: News Express

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