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Na me and Sikiratu dis Xmas

Posted by News Express | 21 December 2018 | 2,271 times

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Dis our taxi driver work dey stress man pikin, no be small. Dat’s why some day, I go just carry one or two Drop, den go relax for Madam Shine buka wey dey near Airport Hotel for Ikeja.

Di ting come get as e be now wey sun and heat dey hammer person ti-ti-ti for afternoon, and if you make mistake dey for inside go-slow, hmm,  dat one na im be say your own don finish patapata. Di woss na as dis my guonguoro no get A/C.

Yesterday, after I don go drop one passenger like dat for Festac Town, and carry anoda passenger for Mile Two go drop for Mafoluku, I hear nwi for go-slow, to and fro.

As I reach Ikeja, I just show face small for our garage, den begin go Madam Shine buka to take my usual. Wen I reach dia, one sisi like dat na im I see wey dey serve customer dem. Di sisi tell me say Madam Shine  and Sikiratu don go market. 

I ask am wetin be im name, e say im name na Funmilayo a.k.a Funmi , e say na dat yesterday be di second day wey im don start work for Madam Shine buka

 I siddon, I say make e nack me my usual, e say im no sabi di one wey be "my usual" I say no wonder, e be Johnny Just Come. I no talk am finish, na im Madam Shine and Sikiratu just enter.

As Sikiratu see me, come see as e shout, “Oga MAAAAT!!!” Di next ting be say Sikiratu jump for my body, e no even mind all di customer dem wey full for dia. See as everybody for di buka come dey look us like say dem drink lookozade.

Madam Shine just come greet me small, e say, “Oga MAT, long time.” I tell am say na work o. Before I open my eye sef, Sikiratu don rush go freezer, go bring my usual, very chill!

Na im I tell Funmi say make e come look “my usual” in case of anoda time. Na im di girl smile, den come talk say “Now I sabi. So na Gulder be your usual?” I come tell am say, “You can say dat again.” Sikiratu come look Funmi with one kind wicked eye like dat, e tell am say, “Oya, enter backyard go wash plates.” And Funmi disappear one time. I come talk am for my mind say jealousy wan finish Sikiratu!

I finish dat bottle, Sikiratu nack me anoda one. After dat, anoda one, and anoda one again. Like play, like play, man pikin don empty four bottle!  Tori Olorun!

Sikiratu abandon everyting, come siddon with me as I dey shack dey go. All di customer dem eye come dey for me and Sikiratu body. Na so Sikiratu hold my hand, e come dey rub am small small. E look my eye, den come smile and say, “Oga MAT you know what?” I ask am say na wetin be dat?  E say, “I love you no be small.”

Sikiratu say make I arrange make we dey togeder for Xmas. E say dat day gan, im no go come work, say make me sef no work dat day, say dat day na for di two both of us only.

As Sikiratu dey talk, di ting dey sweet me. I come tell am say, “My Siki Babe, your wish is my commander!” Sikiratu happy no be small.

I look time, 9 O’clock pm don reach. Na im I wan bring out money pay for my usual, Sikiratu say make I no worry, say e take dat one do Xmas for me. Olorun Oba o!

As I dey drive dey go house for Abule Egba dat night, na only Siki Babe dey for my mind. Hmm, make dis buka girl no finish me for Bose o.

Make we jam again on Tuesday.

Tank you.

Tank you very much.

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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