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Baba Braimoh wan use my money marry new wife

Posted by News Express | 18 August 2020 | 481 times

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Noting wey person no go hear and see for dis Lagos. Na everyday orisirisi tings dey happen for Lagos.

For garage o, for road o, for school o, for market o, plenty tings dey shele. For church and mosque nko? Na di same ting.

Even for house wey person dey live, dat one na helele if you dey live for face-me-I-face-you.

Yesterday my wife Bose call me for phone wen I don reach our garage wey dey near Ikeja under bridge. Bose say our landlord say make I come back early, say e wan see me for evening.

I come dey wonder wetin Baba Braimoh wan tell me. I no dey owe am house rent. Me and im fit stay like one week, we no meet.

After all, wen I comot for house go our garage for morning, I no dey come back till night. Dat time Baba Braimoh don sleep. For morning again, I go don comot before e wake up.

Baba Braimoh wahala don too much for dis im face-me-I-face-you house wey we dey live so. If e no complain say dem no wash toilet and bafroom, e go complain say small pikin dem too make noise for di compound.

But how toilet and bafroom go clean? How noise no go dey for compound?

Baba Braimoh house na 20  tenant dey live. Na only me dey use room and parlour. Di rest tenant na one room.

All di tenant get wife and pikin dem o, plus including Baba Braimoh wey get 3 wife and 15 pikin.

Na im make pikin dem full for di compound 24/7. How noise no go always dey?

Na im make to shit or baf, you must to tanda for long queue and wait for your turn. Tell me, how di toilet wey dem dey over use go fit clean even if dem wash am per second per second?

Kitchen nko? Dat one don over full sote plenty tenant dey cook for corridor near dia dormot.

Dat yesterday, I close go house around 6 o’clock pm in di evening. As I reach, I see all di tenant dey for outside with Baba Braimoh. I shock.

Na im I park my guonguoro go join dem. As Baba Braimoh jus see me, e begin hala. E ask me why I come late for im meeting, weda my wife no tell me say e wan see me. Shiooorr!

Na so I jus dey look am ti-ti-ti. Wetin I wan tell dis old man wey all im pikin dem (man pikin and woman pikin) na igbo and Alomo be dia food day and night?

Na so Baba Braimoh say anyway sha, now wey I don come, make e go straight to di point.

E tell us say e wan make all di tenant pay 6 months rent with immediate effect. E say weda or wedan’t you dey owe, e no concern am.

No tenant fit say pim.  I talk am for my mind say, wia person go see dat kind money for dis Coro period?

Na me come use bold face ask Baba Braimoh if na anoder toilet and bafroom e wan use di money build, make e wait small, say money dry everywia.

Na so Baba Braimoh come spark. E say which kind yeye bafroom we want make e build. Weda di one wey dey no do us? E say e wan use di money go marry new wife. Period!

E come be like say all di tenant plan am as we shout togeder: Tori Olorun!

Make we jam again on Friday.

Tank you

Tank you very much

And tank you very, very much indeed.

Source: News Express

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